CARMA Research Group

Interdisciplinary Machine Learning Research Group

About us

Leader: Stephan Chalup

The Interdisciplinary Machine Learning Research Group (IMLRG) includes researchers from deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, optimisation, statistics, and pattern recognition. It investigates the application of new, faster, or more precise data analysis techniques in various interdisciplinary domains. Application project domains include computer vision, 3D material analysis, speech analysis, signal processing, big data, health, medical imaging, finance, architecture, environmental monitoring and neuroscience. The IMLRG engages in a range of associated industry projects.

A number of projects follow the theme of Anthropocentric Biocybernetic Computing which investigates the complex interactions between humans and their environment on all levels including the cell-, circuit-, and body-levels and the ecosystem. When applied to real-world computing and autonomous agents the aim is to develop systems that approximate human-like skills on tasks such as vision processing, facial expression analysis, space representation, and human-robot interaction. Machine learning techniques are employed for fine-tuning the parameters of general models until they perform at extraordinary levels of skill on selected tasks. Biologically motivated models are complemented by alternative designs. The strategy is to approximate human-level skills in artificial systems from several different directions through interdisciplinary projects.

Among the central methods investigated by the IMLRG are Deep Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning.

Current ARC projects:

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Members of this research group:

  • A/Prof Stephan Chalup
  • Dr Aaron Wong
  • Dr Abdul Jabbar
  • Dr Alan Blair
  • Alexander Biddulph
  • Dr Alexandre Mendes
  • Ali Bakhshi
  • Dr Arash Jalalian
  • Dr Asad Abbas
  • Dr Bilal Abed-Alguni
  • Dr Fayeem Bin Aziz
  • Khalil Hannouch
  • Dr Keith Nesbitt
  • Dr Kenny Hong
  • Dr Lukasz Wiklendt
  • A/Prof Mark Adam
  • Dr Matt Skerritt
  • Matthew Muller
  • Mohammad Mobasher Kashani
  • Dr Nasimul Noman
  • A/Prof Oliver Obst
  • A/Prof Raymond Chiong
  • Dr Robert King
  • Dr Steven Nicklin
  • Dr Suhuai Luo
  • Syed Qaisar Jalil
  • Mr Peter Turner (Tribotix)
  • Dr Trent Houliston
  • Dr Rahul Paul
  • Dr Wei Chen
  • Ysobel Sims
  • and more