Experimental Mathematics at CARMA

This page contains a collection of our websites, publications and projects related to experimental mathematics.

1. Websites

A selection of related websites maintained by CARMA members and associates.

  1. Jonathan Borwein's website
  2. The Mathematics Portal
  3. Experimental Maths website

2. Blogs and Quotes

Blogs and Qlogs on mathematics and science by Dave Bailey, Jon Borwein and others, including for The Conversation and The Huffington Post.

  1. Jonathan Borwein's blogs
  2. JMB quotation page
  3. DHB quotation page

4. Mathematical Optimization Research

We work on a variety of (non-)convex optimization problems and applications: especially projection and reflection methods and on maximum entropy methods formulated as feasibility or optimization problems.

  1. Feasibility Problems
  2. Entropy Optimization: theory and applications
  3. (Symbolic) Convex Analysis

5. Computational Number Theory Research

We are interested in transcendence, irrationality, normality, special functions, modular functions, connections with mathematical physics and more.

  1. Walking on real numbers
  2. A Talk for Pi Day (2013)
  3. Measures, Walks and Integrals: Hybrid Computation (2012 talk)
  4. Kurt Mahler's complete works

6. Discrete Mathematics Research

We have expertise in graph theory and various other parts of discrete mathematics including enumerative combinatorics, formal power series and Hadamard matrices.

  1. Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications
  2. A Ramanujan style lecture (2012)

7. Research on Entropy and its Applications

Here we collect research relating to entropy and its applications.

  1. Entropy and Feasibility Methods Optimization, 61 (2012), 1-33. (Related talk)
  2. Modelling Rainfall (and related 2013 talk)
  3. Maximizing suprise talk
  4. Option pricing (Siopt 2003)
  5. Dual methods for NMR (Siopt 2003)

8. Selected Publications

Each panel has links to relevant publications. Here we highlight works of more general interest.

  1. Exploratory Experimentation and Computation (NAMS 2011)
  2. Closed Forms: what they are and why we care (NAMS 2013)
  3. Loving and Hating Mathematics (Intelligencer 2012)
  4. The CARMA document server

9. Other

Anything else that has an experimental flavour.

  1. CARMA
  2. Interview with JMB about "CARMA"
  3. Interview with JMB about experimental maths
  4. The Inverse Symbolic Calculator