Visualisation at CARMA

This page contains a collection of visualisation-related pages, sites and projects at CARMA.

1. Walks

Investigations of tools for representing floating point numbers as planar (or three-dimensional) walks and for quantitatively measuring their "randomness".

2. "Numbers"

Scientific constants battle for supremacy: who will win?

3. EViMS

A 3-day workshop, held in November 2012, on the effective use of visualization in mathematics, physics, and statistics from the perspectives of education, research, and outreach.

4. Symbolic Convex Analysis

A book discussing various classes and their characteristics, treating convex functions in both Euclidean and Banach spaces.

5. Iterative Projection Methods

Iterative projection methods form the basis of a number of algorithms used to solve optimisation problems.

6. Protein Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the protein 1PTQ using the Douglas-Rachford algorithm.

6. Autostereography

Methods and images relating to our glasses-free 3-D screen.

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7. Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous images from our research.

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